let the fasting begin.

so I'm off once again on the ten day cleansing/fasting voyage. it's been quite a while since I've truly attempted to do the ten day master cleanse, and I think now the time is finally right. today I started and will continue on until july 10. then after that I will begin a second cleanse for 21 days in which I will refrain from gluten, any animal products (including dairy), caffeine, and sugar. this cleanse has been made popular via the demi-goddess we know as Oprah who featured Kathy Freston's book Quantum Wellness on her show a month or so ago. Oprah committed to doing the cleanse and even started a blog about it (though I have to be honest, I got very bored of her blog quite quickly). I'm thinking the Quantum Wellness cleanse might be a little tougher than the master cleanse. it's going to be challenging to be so focused on what I can and can't eat and trying to replace things I love, like cheese and pasta, with approved substitutes. I have faith I can do it, and I'm looking forward to how I'm going to feel on August 1.

the last time I attempted the cleanse for ten days was back in december - which was also why/when I started this blog. I thought a lot about whether or not to blog this experience and decided that while I won't avoid talking about it if it comes into my brain, I also don't want to focus on it. I want to try to spend this time creating more positive intentions for my life. I want to try to become more aware of myself, my life, my world. I have a few ideas of how I'm going to attempt this, but in the end I have faith that some insight will come naturally through the next 31 days of cleansing.