summer nights

there aren't many things I like/enjoy about summer. my bodily constitution just isn't down with heat and sweat and mosquitos (who love me) and all of the other stuff that comes along with the season. I do, however, love cool summer nights. one of my favorite things is driving at night with my windows down while the cool breeze engulfs my being. it brings me back to the summer of '96 - the first summer I had a drivers license. I would drive around aimlessly, down the Bridge Ave Extension (Jersey Shore locals will know these directions...) to route 88, making my way towards the bridge - over to Point Plesant, down to the road that runs along the beach. I would start at what my friends and I would call the "jetty" and then drive my way down to the end of the Point boardwalk. I guess it's what some would call "cruising", but I just thought of it as a way to clear my head - breathing the salt air, getting in touch with my western astrological water sign. well, that was back when my parents paid for my gas and it was only .89 a gallon (um, yes, that's eight-nine cents! like as in, under one dollar!) now that I pay for my own gas and it's almost $4.00 a gallon, I don't do any of that aimless driving. I live farther from the beach these days, so my only summer night driving enjoyment happens when I am on my way home from somewhere late at night. I'll take that, I suppose.


my summer soundtrack

this is pretty mundane, but I always like to share when I find things I think are super. so I have had some great ladies as my soundtrack this summer. the first came from a random visit to my friend kjones' myspace. he had the video for "the con" by tegan and sara on his page and I was instantly in love. and while "the con" is an incredible album, I've actually spent most of the summer listening to "so jealous", an earlier album. this is one of my favorites...

more recently I've fallen in love with anna ternheim. I was in barnes and noble one night (how unusual!) and heard a song while shopping... I meandered into the music section and asked the associate what was playing... low and behold a little swedish delight.



I hope you haven't given up on me.

today I realized that writing on this blog is sometimes like going to the gym. once you've stopped going, it's hard to get back into the swing of things. the thought of going is even sometimes painful. but once you start going again you think to yourself, "why haven't I been coming here all along? it's not so bad after all!"

so that brings me here. it's really not so hard to just write, but for some reason my mind seems to think it takes so much energy. what have I been up to for the more than a month of my absence...? well, lots of sleeping in. lots of that. I've started going to regular yoga classes several times a week, which I truly and thoroughly enjoy. oh, and procrastinating - I've been doing lots and lots of that. I told myself that I was going to devote my summer to finishing all of my data collection for my thesis and as much of the paper as I possibly could so that it would be smooth sailing when I have to go back to work and school. yea, well, with the exception of completing three interviews, I haven't done much else. I still have to arrange several more interviews and start transcribing them for analysis. that's the hard part, really. and it's not even hard. it's just excessively time consuming. uggg!

on one of my recent trips to barnes and noble (a place of great relaxation for me...) I came across this book of little crocheted animals. I decided I wanted to re-learn how to crochet and make some of these little devils. they're so cute and I think it might be relaxing. but it also has the potential to be frustrating (since it will probably be hard) and even depressing (if I have to give up on it or have no time to do it). so we'll see.ok, enough for now. I don't want to spoil you too much my first time back.