karma is a bitch

I can buy into
the idea
that what goes around
comes around,
or that for every action
there is an opposite
and equal reaction.
so when eric sherman
broke my heart in 1994
it was only fair
that I returned the favor
two years later.
that's karma.
what troubles me
is when we throw the past
into the present,
previous lives
and mingling
with the now.
I break the big toe
on my right foot
for some unknown
I caused
in a lifetime
I cannot recall.
as if
I can fix something
I don’t know
that I broke.
and then there is freewill
and destiny
and rising signs
and planetary alignment…
so many things
beyond my control.
the only logical conclusion
is that
karma is a bitch
in spiked heels
and a black cocktail dress
with fat, red collagen lips
over pearly whites
every time
I get
what's coming.