missing vraj

yesterday when I was at the temple I had a sudden but familiar pain in my chest - I was suddenly missing Sri Vrindavan dham.

this time last year (and the year before that) we were excitedly getting ready for a trip to the holy dham. we were counting down the days and minutes until we boarded our flight to delhi and then our car ride to vrindavan to see Sri Sri Radha-Symasundar and company.

this year, though our reason for not going is exciting, feels a little sad. I wish we could go every year. I miss the Vrindavan streets, the horns, my vamsivat and jahvat, the monkies, seeing my guru in his element, smelly auto-riksaws, the traffic, nook-and-cranny temples, and yes, my good friends at Ganga Prasad Syamasundar Lal (though they are never more than an email away).


I can't wait until baby is old enough (and we have more money!) so we can return.