my new obsession

I've been contemplating doing a "favorite finds of 2009" entry for a few weeks now, but haven't gotten off my butt to actually do it. I would have to actually go and take pictures of the items I have in mind, which takes oh-so-much effort... ok, not really. but I think it is the next thing to do on my list.
but I figured until I actually got to that I would share with you my new obsession:

I first encountered Zooey Deschanel on an episode of Top Chef Masters where she did a guest spot for a vegan challenge. oh, yea, you heard me right - she's vegan. granted, she doesn't go around getting PETA on people or posturing for animal rights... in my obsessive research I seemed to find her citing food allergies to dairy, eggs, and wheat... but come on, it still counts.
anywho, that's how I first heard about her. I was only mildly impressed though... because afterall, I'm a die-hard lover of another famous veg:

yes, ms. natalie portman (I have no idea what this picture is from... but I thought it was very nifty... her looking indianesque and all).

then, of course, there was this zooey spotting, which I thought was very cool. though I admit, I didn't realize it was her at first. I hadn't really taken all that much notice of her to begin with, but when this aired several times my husband remarked something like, "hey, isn't that that girl Zooey something who was on Top Chef?"

it's a pretty catchy tune. but still, I wasn't really making any connection.
then, at some point, my friend Kiriti asked me if I had seen the movie (500) Days of Summer, which was out this past summer. I hadn't, but I added it to my netflix que. I didn't think too much more of it, and then it was finally released on 12.22... and so it arrived at my abode. my husband and I watched it on new year's eve. granted, it's not a life changing film... but it was pretty good. and I had finally made the connection of who Zooey Deschanel is - from the vegan challenge girl on Top Chef - to the cotton commercials - to this very fine film. and then in the movie she sang in a karaoke scene. and then I found out she is a singer as well as an actress. and then I started obsessively looking up stuff about her. and well, long story short, while I will always love Natalie Portman, I am newly in love with Zooey.
her music is a little country for my taste, but it's actually really good. her duet/band is called She&Him. she has a very unique voice and style, which is why I think I can overlook the country overtones... but hey, country isn't all bad. I mean, I've always like Linda Ronstadt and Patsy Cline, what to speak of good old Johnny Cash. anyway, I think she's fantastic and lovely to look at. she's quite retro - in fact, one of the things that I most loved in (500) Days of Summer was the way they styled her character. it was oh-so-vintage and anthropologie-like. that style seems to carry over into her real-life, as most of the pictures I see of her she is dressed like that.

on a last note, I want to say that I have really been loving her hair cut. I was thinking that even before I started obsessing over her. I had similar bangs this time last year, and while I didn't mind them, I definitely haven't enjoyed growing them in. I've had a little bang-envy ever since my friend Devadeva cut her own punk-rock bangs... but for one, I couldn't rock bangs that short. Zooey's are longer, but also the rest of her hair is longer than mine... and I don't know if I could pull it off as a pregnant lady. I've also been contemplating long layers, but I generally hate layers to the point where I can't even say the word to a hairdresser, so I'm a bit afraid to try. I'm thinking of trying to make a hair-cut appointment for this weekend... I guess I'll just have to see what happens.
my cut around this time last year

zooey's cut

devadeva's cut