saris, I'm so sorry. I miss you.

an homage to my beloved sari wearing. I miss you so, so very much. we'll be together again soon.

a beautiful tussar silk from Utsav. I can't believe I almost didn't buy this one!

a very thin cotton from Tulasi. I love this one especially because the sari is a darker blue
and checked, while the choli is a lighter contrast with stripes.

ooooh, one of my absolute favorites that I got from sari safari.
I heart a contrasting choli - especially if there are stripes involved!!

just a simple orissan from ganga prasad...but I miss the simple ones too!!

another delicious one from Tulasi - this one silk.
totally out of my color comfort zone, but the design is so beautiful.

I know that my days without saris are numbered... we'll be reunited soon; but my tiny skinny made matching cholis are another story. so many of my saris will go unworn for a long time. and we're not even going to talk about the ones I haven't worn yet! oh the humanity!!