chestnut point

I drive past this zen-like space at the manasquan reservoir every day when I bring my oldest daughter to and from school. it's so beautiful and serene. I'm so looking forward to when it is warm enough to put my youngest in a stroller and walk the whole path. For now, here is a very poetic winter shot.

chestnut point


rachel kann

I discovered Rachel Kann a few years ago when she was a featured guest reader for OCC's poetry month program. I didn't actually get to see her read (I had to work) - I saw her name on the flyer for the program and decided to look her up.

I really like her ability to put spoken words to music - and then to visual video. her writing is the kind that I look at and think, "wow, I wish I could do that!" I  like one review of her that says: "[...]Rachel Kann has a knack for punching lines into our guts as our pierced narrator of sorts. she's like a one-woman Greek chorus."

alas, there's only two animated videos on youtube, and one poorly recorded live reading. I wish there was more of her stuff available online. enjoy!

(this one is harder to hear, but I really like the violin in the back!)


in utero

I am afraid
that my acute sadness
seeped through
the walls
of my
and infected you
in the womb.
like a baby
born to a drug abusing mother,
you are addicted
to the sadness
and can do
but cry.