the billy collins poetry contest on figment ~ please heart me!!

ok, so I finally did it. I wrote my poem for the figment billy collins poem contest.

the title of the poem is 'knowing'. it was quite a challenge, but I really like it in the end. so here's the scoop.

basically the way the contest works is that the top ten poems with the most "hearts" will go to billy collins. he will then read those ten poems and pick the one he likes the best as the winner. honestly, I don't even care if I win. sure, it would be nice, but in the end, I just want to be able to say billy collins read one of my poems. that, in and of itself, it awesomeness.

the annoying part of this contest is that in order for you, my friends and readers, to help me is that you have to actually sign up for a figment account in order to "heart" the poem. I know, it's very annoying. but pretty, pretty please help a girl out? and please repost to your facebook or twitter or whatever it is that you do and get your friends to heart me too? I will love you for ever and ever. truly.

so here it is - knowing - read it. heart it. looooooooooove it.

oh, oh, PS!!! the contest ends July 10. so please go vote today!!!


billy collins poetry contest on figment!!

omg. omg. omg.

I'm totally hyperventilating! hold on. wait. let me take a breath.

can it be?! oh figment!

so it seems like give-aways and celebrity contests are all the rage on blogs these days. I never win give-aways or lotteries, so usually when I enter, I go in knowing that I'll probably be disappointed. but who needs a tofu press or tea towels when you can get billy collins to read your poem?!!? granted, I haven't entered many poetry contests, but I have placed/won a few. so I go into this one with a little but of confidence...except that I have to start my poem with the line "I want to play in a band with a crazy name." hrrmph. this is going to take some thought for sure.

the deadline is 7.3. I better get working!


reflections on the 30/30 and looking ahead

it's been more than thirty days since the 30/30. I loved doing the 30/30, even though I didn't love everything I produced. I decided to embrace the process, regardless of whether I would like the poems I wrote or not. someone once asked me for advice about getting rid of writer's block (why she asked me, I don't know...) and I told her that sometimes in order to get to the good stuff we have to vomit out and purge the crap out of our brains. I kind of took the 30/30 like that - a way to sometimes just go through the motions, to sometimes play, and to sometimes reach down deep into the sand and hope for the best. I definitely wrote a some poems that I like, some that I love, and quite a few that I don't like one bit.

where to go from here? I'm quite sad that once the 30/30 was over I pretty much fell off the face of the writing-sphere. I want to be writing everyday, though I know that's not always practical. so I need to make a compromise with my self. I think I'll start, in earnest, a little conservatively and say I want to blog/write at least twice a week.

and as most writers know, to make good writing, one must read. if you have't already noticed I have two books on my "on the nightstand list". I've been reading Holy Cow for almost a year now. that's kind of ridiculous. so I'll also say that I need to vamp up my reading schedule and read at least three days a week.

two really good goals, I think. two that go hand-in-hand and will feed each other. yes.

please stay tuned. summer is here, gita is becoming less dependent on my every waking hour (kind of), husband is home (ahh, the teacher life!) - more freedom to come! don't give up on me.