random thursday: what I want, bloggy contests, and webfinds

I had off of work today thanks to rosh hashanah. happy new year to all!
anywho, that meant that I was around to give gita her morning nap and while she was sleeping I caught up on my bloghopping. I hopped on over to kara haupt's i just might explode and was greeted there by a *fabulous* giveaway!

seriously, I never win anything - but I really love kara's blog so much and the prizes are so freaking awesome that it is totally worth my effort! so making this post is my last entry... fingggggerrrrs crossed!!

I had heard of bloglovin' before this contest, but never really got into exploring it. and now that I'm bloghopping more often, it seems like it will be a very useful tool. it's basically a catch-all blogs-you-read/follow feed. I'm hoping to get as many of the blogs that I read as I can on my feed so I won't have to keep track so much! it kind of reminds me of pinterest... but different. did I mention I am on pinterest too? seriously addictive!

I went shopping yesterday... well, window shopping. the only thing I bought was a trenta unsweetened black iced. but there was lots of fun things to look at. oh, anthropologie - you slay me!

anthro wish list

pier 1 is also very dangerous.

pier 1

a girl can dream, can't she??


what she wore: sri vyasa puja

if you remember from my post a few days ago, this past sunday was my guru's birthday party. vyasa puja is a really intense and busybusy day for the disciples of the guru, so I didn't really have any time at all to stop and take pictures of what I was wearing. I was pretty bummed because I was wearing one of my *favorite!* delhi saris. it's super cute, trust me. but alas, there's no photographic evidence. I guess I'll just have to wear it again soon so I can share it with you.
I did, however, have my husband snap a few shots of mrs. geetz mcgoo in her ensemble. so here's what my little fashionista wore...

on gita:
cotton skirt/top set. big-sister-hand-me-down. originally brought back from delhi by my good friend satya.


what I wore: iskcon philadelphia ratha yatra

this past saturday was the ratha yatra celebration in philadelphia. I like iskcon philadelphia's ratha yatra because the parade route isn't too long (from love park to the art museum) and the festival site is always fun and interesting. the day was overcast, which was really nice; but was super humid, which wasn't so nice. overall it was a beautiful festival for jagannatha and company. here's what I wore...

sari: south indian cotton from sari safari
shoes: felty embroidered ballet flats from target
bag: mini boardwalk basket from longaberger

all photos taken by the one and only lynn eva barber of scissors & spice.


sri vyasa puja

today was the sri vyasa puja celebration for my guru (basically, his birthday party). here is the offering I wrote for him. and for those of you who know me and my reputation, yes, I cried. and then had a slight nervous breakdown afterwards upstairs. no one saw that, though.

Dearest Srila Guru Maharaj,

Please accept my obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. All glories to you.

One of my favorite services is editing your Vyasa Puja offering to Srila Prabhupada every year. Editing the offering is different than just reading it because I have to really connect with not only the words you use, but also your sentiment and intention. The most important part of this service is making sure that what you want to say is clear and understood by your audience – this means I often have to read and re-read, and re-read again. It even sometimes becomes like a meditation. Getting the opportunity to meditate on your mood in serving Srila Prabhupada is a gift. I get to see year in and year out how dedicated you are to serving your Guru Maharaj and how you build your life and activities around fulfilling his desires. You are continually setting the example of what it means to be a disciple – and I, as your disciple, see through your dedication to Srila Prabhupada where I fall short.

Guru Maharaj, sometimes I feel like you have given up on me. Sometimes I think you must look at me and think I am a lost cause. A few months ago I found an old journal, and in it I had written something you said to me. It said: “Kadamba, I am always in your corner.” I realized that the Guru never gives up on the disciple. It is the disciple who gives up on him or herself. I don’t want to give up – on me, on you, or on Krishna. Please, Guru Maharaj, please keep setting the examples for me. Please continue to guide me – whether it is by gentle nudge or forceful push.

I am praying that one day I might be able serve you the way you serve Srila Prabhupada.

Always your servant,
Kadamba Mala devi dasi

photos taken by lenny zimkus/govardhan lal das. from sri vyasa puja 2007.


freaky friday vlog!

sorry I haven't been around all week. it's been pretty crazy 'round these parts. but I wouldn't let you down for your friday fix. strap yourself in and get ready for something special.

oh, wait... one more thing. I've been meaning to apologize for that annoying whiney background sound - I guess my internal microphone on my laptop is crippitycrappity. maybe I will start using my regular video camera to film these... um, maybe.


freaky friday vlog

I'd like to give a special shout out to vimeo for randomly choosing an awesome still shot of me. thanks.

so here you ago... me bringing sexy back.


random thursday stuff: finding agent ribbons and what I wore...to work.

today has been a relatively crappy day. but I'm feeling like there's no need to dwell on the crippitycrappiness of it all. rather, I'd like to share the few fun things of the day.

today I decided to wear a salwar/punjabi like outfit to work. I mean, ok, it was borderline really - because it was a pair of plain black linen pants from new york & co. and a tunic style top from anokhi. I've avoided wearing my indian-ish clothes to work for two main reasons: I thought people would think it was weird, and most of them show my tattoos. well, I'm kind of over both. I've come back to work (from my maternity leave) with a kind of "who the hell cares" attitude about what I wear. not in the sense that I dress like a hobo, but like, I'm just going to wear what I feel like and not worry about whether people will approve or whether my tattoos will show. but anyway, I digress. I was excited mostly because I was wearing an anokhi top. to say that I love anokhi would be a gross understatement. it's seriously one of my most favoritest (again, totally a word!) stores ever. the top I wore was from the 'lucia ribbon' december 2010 story (for some reason they call collections "stories". I don't know why.). originally I wanted this dress version because it would look so cute with tights and boots. but I never ordered it from the u.s. retailer, raga rags, so I kind of missed out. my friend, satya, goes to india to shop every spring - so this past year I asked her to pick me up something in this print. here's what I got, and what I wore to work today...

incidentally, more than one student inquired as to why I was wearing "chinese clothes". what the...?! you can't see it right now, but I'm rolling my eyes.

on another note, sometimes when I get bored at work I start blog hopping. I was really superduper tired last night, so I didn't get to do my usual blog-reading-rundown. I was looking at one of my favorite daily reads, the dainty squid, when one of the blog-ads on the side caught my eye. I clicked on  indie thrifter and started rummaging through posts. I came upon a series called "DIY Bands and Musos" and fell in love with one of her features - agent ribbons. seriously awesomeness!! I totally love their simple but old-school-vintagey sound. and this girl's voice is totally rich and beautiful. it's one of those voices that when I hear it, I think, "man, I wish *I* could sing like that!!!" I'm seriously in love, people. seriously! check them out!

they're so cute. totally makes me miss my red hair! :(