little frida

honestly, I've never been superduper into halloween. I mean, I've always liked/enjoyed it just as much as the next guy. when I had my first daughter, it became a little bit more fun because I could dress her up as whatever I wanted - but then she got old enough to ask to be what she wanted, which kind of squelched my fun. now that I have another baby, the joy is back - at least a little bit.

I toyed with a few different ideas before deciding that gita was going to be a baby frida kahlo. I came up with a few ideas and then set the plan in motion.

the anatomy of frida style: long ruffly skirt, peasant top, shawl, flowers in the hair, chunky jewelry, and a monkey

the top was easy - I already had a peasant-meixcan-y looking top that I layered over a black long sleeved shirt (it's cold, after all!). then I had my friend dayna, the mistress of hookworm crafts, whip up a few very important accessories - crocheted flowers and a poncho. last, but not least, she needed a long, ruffly, and festive skirt. easy enough, right? so I went and got some beautiful alexander henry fabric and made a quicky skirt.

voila! gitacita became a fridacita!

it was *really* difficult to get gita to stand still long enough to get a good full-body shot. these were the best that I could do. and just so you don't think we don't love madhavi too - here's a sister's shot. she was a 'vampira'...uh, I guess that means old-fashioned-girl-vampire??


unfreaky friday - no vlog and poem in progress

hello little grasshoppers. I'm sorry, but there's no vlog today. I've been really sullen and melancholy the past few days and am just feeling anti-social in general. the thought of being on camera and talking about silly things just doesn't sound appealing to me right now. part of my sadness has reason to it - some of it is just my inner goth-child. I tried to write something to get it out... it feels kind of finished and kind of not. I thought I would share it in progress...

[in progress]

I want to write you a letter
but there are too many words.
so much to say
that I cannot
say anything,
devoured by silence
by things unspoken
by pretending.


random thursday: such a long day and things that simultaneously remind me of my youth and how old I am

today was a long and emotionally draining day. I kind of don't want to talk about it. but I will say this:

1. today I stood up for my right to have feelings.

2. today I decided that I'm done with fake friendships.

3. 1 & 2 have nothing to do with each other.

I'm sorry. I don't mean to be so cryptic. but have you ever over-vented before? like I feel like I've told the same two stories like 300,000,000 times today, and I just can't do it anymore. it's over; it's done. time to move on.

so, yea...

for some weird reason the idea of being 'real' but the original 'real world' opener in my head. so I decided to youtube search it and actually found it. holy cranoli! so many memories. I was in 8th grade when it came out... so coming of age! and speaking of coming of age - remember 'my so-called life'? and then remember when they canceled it?!?! (strangely enough, I think the actress who played rayanne graff is doing a short stint on private practice right now...) just thinking about this is making me want to start dancing around to 'smells like teen spirit'.

seriously. I am so old!

the original reality tv!

'school is a battlefield for the heart...'



today is diwali - the festival of lights - the day that celebrates lord rama's return to ayodhya after his years of exile - the marker of the new year in india.

I wanted so much to be doing something festive this year - but alas, I'm doing zilch. if I was having a party, here are some things I would totally need to have!

awesome india-style matryoskya gift boxes found on etsy

jeweled rangoli floor art

some beautiful diyas
some handcrafted cards

 a story for the little ladies!
and, of course, a beautiful festive sari!

happy diwali!


photobooth changing bodies tradition

when my daughter madhavi turned one back in 2003, I decided to start a tradition of bringing her to our local aquarium for her birthday. I would also take her into the arcade across the boardwalk from the aquarium and get her picture taken in the old-fashioned photobooth. we did this every year for five years - and it is amazing to see her changing-bodies transformation... from baby to toddler to little kid. I am so sad I slacked off and stopped doing it after she turned five. I was also so sad when the arcade got rid of their old-fashioned photobooth for an updated version. the pictures just weren't the same!

when gita was born I kept thinking how I wanted to start the tradition again. but I didn't want to do it at the cheesy-newer-booth. then one day a few months ago I ambled into funk & standard variety store in red bank, which is a super awesome kitschy-hip clothing and knick-knack-bric-a-brack type shop. low-and-behold, to my surprise and absolute delight, they had a an old-fashioned photobooth! I mean, seriously, that's just how they roll! I made a mental note that I had to make a plan to get back... and today I finally did. I'm so excited to re-kindle this little tradition... and hopefully I will keep it going!

madhavi's first five years. (you can see the last one was taken in the newer booth. yuk!)
sisters starting a new tradition together. check out gita's face in the last frame. haha!

seriously, could these be any cuter?! gita govinda, 16 months.


what I wore: sunday evening birthday bhajans

this evening we went to a little birthday celebration for my friends saibya and premarnava's son havi. havi is a sweet boy who just turned two. he and gita share a love for trucks, cars, and bouncy balls. for his party saibya planned an awesome potluck ekadasi vegetarian dinner and an evening of bhajans (like kirtan). I haven't been to any temples or devotional functions in a while - life has been crazy hectic and weekends have been full of this-and-that-ness - so I took this opportunity to wear a little something fun. here's what I wore...

sweater: avery hoodie in black by neve designs
skirt: ghera skirt by fabindia (the print almost looks like a bandhani, but I don't know if it is technically)
necklace: tulasi and silver, sriji jewelers, vrindavan.
shoes: black ballet flats, target


freaky friday vlog!


here is the jonathan adler iphone case I was talking about...

this is the store, francesca's collection, that I was talking about...

the felted flower scarf I was talking about is similar to this one, but the one I saw had more flowers and was black.


random thursday: doin'-it-myself plans, word doodling, and being 'feist'y

heidy ho there, neighbors.

I've been seriously re-addicted to pinterest lately. when I have nothing else to do on the internet, I mindlessly scroll through the 'everything' pins section. I've found quite a few beautiful things and lots of ideas for doin'-it-myself projects. this weekend I'm going to tackle a very tedious doin'-it-myself project. I've been trying to find a cheap used desk for my daughter's room for a while now, and finally came across the perfect one on craigslist last weekend. I went and picked it up a few days ago - it's in great shape, structurally. but it needs to be repainted in a bad way. so this weekend while madhavi is with her dad, I'll be sanding and priming and repainting. hopefully it will get done by sunday so when she comes home it will be a nice surprise.
I think the next doin'-it-myself project is going to be to make a quilt for gita. I've been wanting to make a quilt out of all the flannel receiving blankets we used when she was a newborn (I have a dozen or so of them for some odd reason) but couldn't think of a pattern that would look nice. pinterest to the rescue! I stumbled across a pin to a flannel rag quilt and knew immediately it would be perfect. I'm hoping to do it very soon - that would be half of one of the things (#33) on my 40/40 list done!

hopefully mind will look as good!
remember a few thursdays ago when I said I wanted to learn how to doodle? I talked to jd about it and he was all like, 'yea, sure, I'll show you how to doodle.' yeay! I was so excited. until we actually sat down to do it. I basically had the realization that not only can I not draw, but I can't doodle. sigh.

the un-rules of doodling.

bad doodles and realizations.

he tried to teach me something about perspective. I doodled about how boring it was.

jd's doodles. showoff.

ok, fine. whatever. I can't draw. but I had a realization today. I can doodle. but my doodling is with words. I've always been like that - writing down random words and phrases - sometimes taping or gluing them together to make something else. maybe it's not traditional doodling, or even my dream-doodling, but it's art none-the-less.

some recent word doodles.

the last time I was in starbucks I picked up a free-download card for a song off of feist's new album. I have been hearing everywhere how brilliant 'metals' is. and after downloading 'bittersweet melodies' I'm so wanting it! she's so soooooooooothing and dark and peaceful and melancholy all at the same time. here's a little snippit:

coincidentally, this evening while trying to entertain gita with some sesame street videos from youtube, I re-discovered feist's sesame street performance. hearts!


what I'm watching: project runway on lifetime

I'm a long-time, die-hard project runway fan. my husband and I have been watching since season one. sometimes I like the winner, sometimes I don't. I was totally a christian siriano fan and was so happy when he won season four. oh, and seth aaron - yeay! when he won season seven. but sometimes it's totally disappointment, like last season, when mondo guerra didn't win. that was a big wth!


so needless to say, when the final four were picked after this past week's final challenge, there were two obvious choices (anya and viktor), one that was obvious but annoying (josh), and the last that was a shock! kimberly?! over laura?! what the?! sometimes I think heidi and michael and nina are not seeing the same things I'm seeing.

now I'm worried. honestly, I don't really care whether or not anya or viktor wins - I kind of like anya better, but viktor's designs are always solid and beautiful. but I'm scared. because if josh or kimberly wins I might break my laptop. like toss it off the table. the suspense is killing me! until next week...

my favorite viktor luna design

my favorite anya ayoung chee design


alexander henry, will you marry me?

a little bit ago I posted about some fabric I was lusting over. I was going to order yardage from harts fabric for gita's kind-of-secret halloween costume, but then realized that spending $30 plus shipping for three yards of fabric was kind of crazy. with a little self-control I decided to take a trip to jo ann's fabric to save a little money. I picked up a fabric that I thought would work and didn't even look at the name of it - because, well, why would I do that? then I saw another fabric that gave me some butterflies and I thought, ok, just one more yard... oh, and some lining... so yea, ok, three yards. but still - it was all on sale, so no problem. as I was standing on line to get the fabric cut and trying to zone out gita's crying I noticed that two of the fabrics I picked up were alexander henry designs - the exact designer of two of the fabrics I was going to order from harts. huh. weird, right? I decided to look him up - I mean, he must be somebody, right?

I think - no, I'm pretty sure, that alexander henry is the fabric design equivalent of my poetry billy collins crush. cue my crush song.

ok, so I realize that there is no alexander henry - it's a group of designers and painters...but really, I just want to marry the fabric anyway.

if you're like me and fabric make you all mushy inside, go on over to the ah collections page and take a gander. as for what I bought... you'll see that soon enough.

'home sewing is easy' by alexander henry designs