the answer is 42.

when I was in high school I dated a boy named eric sherman who once told me that the number 42 was the answer to all of the questions in the universe. I was in love with him so the number 42 became my favorite number. I also love even numbers, so it has remained the number I use all the time for random things.

a few weeks ago I was reprimanding a student and I said to him something like, "ok, good, I'm glad we're on the same page"...to which he promptly responded, "yea, page 42." thus ensued an entire conversation on the significance of the number 42.

if you don't know, the number 42 became famous after Douslas Adams had one of his characters in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy say, "The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything is 42." Hitchhicker's geeks took it to the next level... but alas, that's a long story. you can read more about it here. 

anywhozzle, I had my students do a whole art project thingy based on their own interpretation of the number 42. it kind of didn't have anything to do with anything, but it was fun.

so for my last installment in the "I dress like I'm 16" series, I decided to have my friend take the pictures in front of my favorite project. today I went casual. or like normal. honestly, I don't think all that hard about what I'm going to wear. enjoy or something.


oh yes. it is official.

him: miss, you go on twitter?

me: no.

he looks at another boy across the room and shrugs his shoulders.

me: I mean, I have a twitter account, but I don't go on. I kind of think twitter is stupid.

him: oh, yea, me and him had a bet that you were a hipster.

YES! yes, grasshopper, thank you. I am glad that my cat dress made you see the light.

in front of my classroom door: "incarcerate" is a permanent vocab word here. control, be advised, classroom 4 is the bestest of them all.

a side note - the history of the cat dress...

I first saw this print on this post on the bleubird vintage blog. I fell in love. so of course I followed her link to the creator, leah reena goren, and the beautiful cat dress - but alas, it was super duper expensive. $180 was a bit out of my price range. it has always remained on my most wanted list, but an actual purchase seemed frivolous. fastfoward to last week...when I saw a dress with the exact print on it at anthropologie on black friday I almost fell over. anthro had it originally retailing for $148. I found it on the sale rack for... wait for it... $19.95 (double marked down from $79). did I mention it was black friday? oh yea - there was an extra 25% off... so yea, I got that $148 dress for $14.95. yes, yes I did.

so excited in the dressing room at anthro on black friday.


sometimes I look like an adult

here's the way it went today...

from down the hallway a co-worker proclaimed: "Why! Don't you look so professional today! The skirt...and the boots... it looks like you have a meeting to go to!"

as if I look like a hobo every other day... oh, wait, no... a 16-year-old.

if only she could have seen the cats on my shirt. yes, those are cats. and neon orange tights.

stay tuned.


I swear this is normal.

when my husband saw me this morning he said, "uhhh, I don't think that outfit is going to do much for your dressing-like-you're-16 image..."


but for the record, I didn't wear this outfit on purpose to keep up the image. in fact, I wore this same exact outfit for thanksgiving - which may be weird in and of itself. it made me think of how a few weeks ago another student said to me that she wishes she could see me on the outside (meaning like in real life - on the bricks. because I work in a residential detention center...) so she could see how I dress. I was like, um, this is how I dress! she found that kind of funny.

but really, this is it. I can't help it. it's my style, yo.

this is a pic I took on thanksgiving and posted on my friend's fb wall to show her that I had bought a pair of leggings that we had discussed from target... and yes, in the juniors section...

today, in my classroom by my "almost dead plants" corner. giving you a 16-ish smirk.


"miss, why do you always dress like you're 16?"

yesterday I bought a super cute grey sweater with a black swallow on the front...

...from the juniors section at target...

honestly, I don't even pay attention to what section I'm shopping in. if I like something and looks good, I buy it. so when one of my students asked me today why I seem to always dress like I'm a 16-year-old girl, I couldn't help but laugh at first... but then I really started to think about it.

my first reaction was to sarcastically tell her that it was because I am eternally 16 in my heart. then I asked her (in all seriousness) if she thought I was trying too hard. my biggest fear would be to end up like one of those 60-year-old women trying to look 16. she assured me that no, it didn't look like I was actually trying at all. she said it looked natural and cute. hmm, ok, she was just making an observation. still, I had to really think about what she said.

there is a part of me that I do really feel like arrested at age 16. in some ways it was one of the freest and most organic creative periods in my life. I had friends and was writing like crazy and didn't have an insecure bone in my body. I never had body issues - ever! - in high school. I had boyfriends, but not in like a slutty way. I was a normal weight for my height and not chunky or flabby or anything. and I wasn't a stick either. anyway, I'm not saying all of this to say how awesome I was or something - I had my fair share of problems. doesn't everyone? I guess my point is that it was a very carefree time for me outside of my home life - which sucked, but that's a whole other thing. I had so many positive teacher-role models during that time that it inspired me to want to become a teacher myself - not because I love education or english (though I do!) but because I wanted to be what those teachers were to me for my own students.

I digress... I am glad that I am seen by my students as someone who is young at heart. I'm not their friend and they don't treat me like I am. but they also trust me and respect me. well, most of them that is! most of all, I'm glad she didn't say I looked like I was trying too hard. ha!

me in my crazy classroom with today's vocab.


vlog2vote: go vote people!

I know it's been a while. I promise I have lots of blogs in my head. I will write soon. (I know, I say this a lot... but I mean it this time!)

in the mean time, please enjoy this vlog about voting and how easy it is.