what I wore: a weekend full of vaisnava sanga!

I know it's already wednesday, so this post is a few days late... but it's like fashionably late, not awkwardly late (haha!). I was fortunate to spend this entire past weekend in the association of beautiful vaisnavas for a few different events. I saw some devotees that I haven't seen in years and some that I've seen not so long ago, but either way it was so nice to see everyone and it reminded me how much I miss and need to have vaisnava sanga. we live so far away from everything and everyone that it takes so much endeavor/effor (and money!) to go to a temple or devotee program. one of my friends posted something on fb the other day estimating the costs to go into nyc and it didn't surprise me to see that just to get into the city (gas/tolls) it's $40 or something like that. it's totally crazy! but now that my guru is in the area for the summer, I decided that I have to... must... try to go to as many functions where he is present as I possibly can. I got to see him twice this weekend and was able to bathe Lord Jagannatha (Brooklyn snana-yatra)! in any case, here's what I wore...

friday: I wore this "half-sari" skirt set from UDD to my god brother's wedding reception.

on the way to the reception I stopped at the Brooklyn temple...here's what Radha Govindaji was wearing!

saturday: this picture is from ratha-yatra 2011. but I wore this exact outfit on saturday. I know, not so fancy for snana-yatra, but I went by myself with Gita, so function over fashion! batik style skirt purchased from that beautiful lady, Satya, right next to me in this pic. :)

after Their snana - here's what Jagannatha, Baladeva, and Subhadra wore!

sunday: thin green/orange/maroon checked south indian sari from sarisafari with an orange ikat choli via gopi skirts by radhika worn to a lovely home program. I was also playing around with my abeautifulmess photo app here. eh.