rākhe kṛṣṇa mare ke mare kṛṣṇa rākhe ke

have you ever had one of those days where you feel Krishna's protection? I'm having one of those days. in, like, an almost overwhelming way. and not because something bad happened to me or because something bad almost happened...you know, like when you almost get into a car accident, but don't and then thank god for saving you?? yea, not like that.

no. more like I feel like I can actually see Krishna moving the material world in such a way to protect me from the fragility of my mind and senses. things not happening, or happening, but in just such a certain kind of way.

I don't know. maybe it doesn't make sense. but I so rarely have experiences like this - where it seems like I can actually feel Krishna's presence in my mundane life - that I felt like I needed to express it some how...

anyway, thank you, my dear Lord. xo.