2014 in review

here's a review of my 2014 through instgram photos. one from each month. there were some months where I had so many fun memories to choose from, but I wanted to limit myself to just one photo per month. some months are just something random, because that's how life is. anywho, here's my 2014...

january: I had a yajna performed by a brahmin astrologer in vrndavan in order to pacify the planet venus, who was apparently a bit peeved with me. I had to chant this mantra every day. in the end he said that venus was pacified. I ended up with bronchitis. my husband ended up with a new job!

february: I turned 35. yeay me. (madhavi also turned 12!)

march: I was lucky enough to host a few kirtan programs at the yoga studio where I study/teach. march was just one of many. but my deities (radha-damodar, above, are my traveling deities that madhavi takes care of) also got new outfits!

april: I got sucked into the alex and ani trend. my arm is the one on top. the bottom is my friend katie "kdubbs".

may: madhavi went to her first ever school dance. I treated her to getting her hair done at a salon. 'cause ain't nobody got time fo' curlin' no hair!

june: I got a new tattoo! this hamsa hand with om and lotus, courtesy of tom yak, was a necessity because I am surrounded by all kinds of dark, negative energy where I work. I need all of the protection I can get!!

july: madhavi was gearing up for her big dance performance at radha-govinda mandir so that meant a lot of trips to iselin. that means a lot of bhel puri and dosas. I also wore that dress a lot this summer.

august: madhavi performed for sri sri radha-govindaji and their assembled devotees for sri krishna janmastami. so much pride and joy here. and well deserved!

september: vyasa-puja month! all glories to my guru maharaj. I heart him!

october: I was so fortunate to attend the geraldine dodge poetry festival and see/hear/meet so many awesome poets! and THIS dream came true! I met Billy Collins! you can tell by my psycho-stalker smile how exciting this was for me (and by his "meh" smile how ordinarily not exciting it was for him).

november: I did my usual black friday hunt at anthropologie and didn't buy this shirt. still regretting it. (I did get other good stuff though!)

december: holidaysholidaysholidays. and also my second annual home photo shoot with my little ladies. we got a bunch of really good shots for our holiday cards. I sent one with the image above that said "peace and love" or something like that - but the joke in my head was that this fierce pose wasn't very "peace and love", so I made this alternate with the "a beautiful mess" photo editing app. I didn't actually send this one out. I thought some people might be offended. I personally think it's hilarious.

so peace out 2014. you weren't the worst... but you could have been better. here's to a fabulous 2015! happy new year to all! xo