here and now

well, hello there.

I forgot that I had the idea to do a post everyday for the month of march until just now - now being 9:20pm. it's been a long day, as all the days lately have been. I'm just now finally settling in from getting home from my second job - adjuncting at my local community college. I actually have a great group this semester, so I'm not complaining. it's rare to have a class that is so talkative about the literature that we're reading. it makes my job so much easier. but still, I'd rather be home doing something else. that's the way it always is.

anywho, the idea is to follow a list of prompts for the month - this way I won't get stuck saying I don't have anything to talk about and go on whining about nothing. I scoured around pinterest and finally found a list that I like, so this is what I'll be using...

some of them are meh. but it was the best of the not-so-great, I guess. I think I'll do lots of list posts, but maybe not too. at any rate, I'm tired as heck and want to get to watching last night's daily show so here goes a short one for tonight...

somethings I learned last month:
1. having a 15 year old is weird. and hard. and awesome.
2. being 38 feels like being 37, but also like my body hates me.
3. it's time to make an actual tangible change in my eating.
4. "bands" is another way of saying "thousand" in street lingo. for example, saying, "he robbed me for 50 bands" means $50,000.
5. the sadness will always come back. and will eventually go. but it will always come back.

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